Watershed Project implementation


Watersheds are the ideal units for planning and implementing developmental activities, ensuring integration and sustainability.

  1. Methodology/technology adopted in Watershed Management

    Participatory Net Planning methodology: – We adopt Participatory Net Planning Methodology to prepare the watershed project. A multidisciplinary team visits ridge line, drainages and all the plots in the watershed and conduct soil survey & land capability classification (LCC), contour survey, well survey and socio-economic survey. Treatment measures for area and drainage line are proposed based on this. Water balance…
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  2. Projects under Western Ghats Development Programme (WGDP)

    We have experience in implementing 14 Projects under WGDP of Planning Commission, Government of India. Four Projects with a total area of 3231 Ha (Kundenvayal -823 Ha, Kakkatt- 809 Ha, Vazhakode-644 Ha and Karakode-955 Ha) in Madikkai Gramapanchayat and Konnakkad watershed project with a total area of 975 Ha in Balal Gramapanchayat of Kasaragod District have been completed in 2011-12.…
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  3. NHWDP

    Projects under NABARD Holistic Watershed Development Programme(NHWDP) -Distressed District Package NABARD Watershed Projects are being implemented in Kasaragod District (one of the distressed districts in Kerala) in a holistic manner since 2008 and are expected to significantly mitigate farmers’ distressed situation by earning more economic income from agricultural activities through enhancing production and productivity of crops by adopting scientific watershed…
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  4. Treatment Measures being implemented in Watershed Projects

    A) Natural Resource Management (NRM): It includes various engineering and agronomic measures for sustainable management of soil, water and bio resources B)Production System Management (PSM): This component has activities to enhance production and productivity of agriculture crops and promoting allied agriculture activities C)Family based Livelihood Support Programmes: Various activities are being implemented through the farmers, SHGs/JLGs of the partner families…
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  5. Community Organization and Social Audit in Watershed Projects

      Community Organization We give importance to community organization and capacity building training and awareness programmes under our watershed projects. Gramasabha, Formation and functioning of Village Watershed Committees, User Groups, NHGs/JLGs/SHGs and Federation of Village Watershed Committees are some of the measures for community organization and participatory monitoring of the project. Social Audit Installation of watershed board with maps/details of…
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