Projects under NABARD Holistic Watershed Development Programme(NHWDP) -Distressed District Package

NABARD Watershed Projects are being implemented in Kasaragod District (one of the distressed districts in Kerala) in a holistic manner since 2008 and are expected to significantly mitigate farmers’ distressed situation by earning more economic income from agricultural activities through enhancing production and productivity of crops by adopting scientific watershed management practices.  

Phases of implementation

NHWDP has 5 phases.

PhasesSalient features
I. Pre Capacity Building Phase
(Pre CBP)"

  • Identification of watershed

  • Community Mobilization, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)

  • Willingness through Shramadan

  • Formation and registering Village Watershed Committee (VWC) and
    CBP Net Planning

II. Capacity Building Phase (CBP)

  • Hands-on-Training & Exposure and Implementation of treatment measures,

  • Preparing & keeping Reports, Accounts & MIS
    Duration of the CBP will be normally for 6 – 9 months.

III. Feasibility Study Report (FSR) Phase

  • Detailed Soil Survey & Contour Survey preparation of various Maps

  • Area based Net Planning for watershed development

  • Well Inventory & Socio-Economic Survey

  • Family based Livelihood Plan, etc

Feasibility Study will start after the satisfying implementation of 60 % of works in CBP. "
IV. Full Implementation Phase (FIP)

  • On Successful completion of the CBP, the Project will pass on to FIP

  • Implementation of Net plan & livelihood plan

  • Operation and maintenance

V. Consolidation Phase

  • It will be an ongoing process right from CBP.

  • However, during the last 6 months of the Project period, there will be conscious working on consolidation.

CRD is the Project Facilitating Agency (PFA) for 7 NABARD Watershed Projects in Kasaragod DT. We have successfully implemented all the 7 projects.     

Details of the watersheds are given below

SL NoName of watershedBlockGrama PanchayatArea in Ha
1Pettikundu - ChanappamchalNileshwaramKayyur- Cheemeni 900
2ThaliyammadaNileshwaramKayyur- Cheemeni 1075
3NeelimalaKanahangadKallar 1113
4"KuntarKasaragodKaradka 594
5BanatpadyKasaragodKaradka 1231
6KunjarManjeshwaramBadiadka 919
Grand Total6754

Structure for implementation

a) Village Watershed Committee (VWC):   The Gramsabha is the real mentor of the Programme and the VWC is the arm of the Gramsabha for field implementation. VWCs are registered bodies under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.   

b) Project Facilitating Agency (PFA): PFA will act as facilitator through providing technical support and mobilizing the community for successful implementation and operation & maintenance process. 

Shramadhan: It is the mandatory voluntary contribution of the labour by the Community by at least up to 16 % of the Project Measures (total unskilled labour cost) which will simultaneously be ploughed back to the Maintenance Fund.  

Revolving Fund Assistance (RFA) for livelihood activities: Separate fund is earmarked for livelihood activities implemented through the JLGs/SHGs.