We plan and implement programmes in Agriculture and Environment sector by the name ‘Safalam’. The following are the major activities under ‘Safalam’.

Progressive Farmers’ promotional programme

Under this, we provide expert guidance service to the farmers to manage their farm practices, productively. Farm planning for effective management, integrated farming, training and exposure are the main activities of this programme.

Formation and facilitation of Farmer’s Clubs

We form and facilitate Farmers’ Clubs in our programme areas to provide a common platform for the farmers to work collectively for the prosperity of farming activities.

Farmers’ participatory Seed Production and Seed Bank programme

This is an unique programme initiated to ensure quality seeds of vegetable crops in sufficient quantity in the villages. Selected farmers were trained on various aspects of seed production and seed bank and they took part in the programme.

Farmer Exposure Programmes

We conduct Exposure programmes for the farmers to the Progressive Farmer’s field and Agriculture Research Institutions, within and outside the District. Through this, we provide opportunity to the farmers to learn the farm practices and to motivate them to follow the possible best practices for the sustainability of the agriculture.

Planting of Tree Saplings

One of the ways to address the problem of climate change and global warming is to have more vegetation. With this objective, we facilitate planting of tree saplings in the villages with the participation of community including school students. More than 1, 00,000 saplings were planted so far.

Capacity BuildingTraining Programmes

We usually conduct various Capacity Building Training Programmes on crop cultivation, organic farming practices, soil fertility management, fruit processing, activities in allied agriculture sector, etc. These trainings are being organized in association with various institutions like CPCRI, KVK, etc.

Project Report preparation

We prepare bankable project reports for the farmers on crop cultivation, integrated farming, land management and animal husbandry practices.

Farmer Counseling Programme

We organize programmes at the farming community level to provide counseling services to the farmers, especially in agriculture distressed situation.