‘Jeevanam’ (Natural Resource
Management Programmes)

Our NRM programmes are known by the name Jeevanam. We adopted a community participatory net planning and implementation strategy in NRM projects. Following are the major projects in NRM sector

Tribal Development Programme

With the support from Tribal Development Fund of NABARD, CRD is implementing integrated development programmes for the development of Tribal community in Aralam tribal resettlement area of Kannur district. The project is being implemented in two phases. Phase I covers 598 families and Phase II covers 500 families. It has activities in the components such as Horticulture, soil conservation & water resources development,

Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs)

CRD is one of the Producer Organisation Promoting Institutions for NABARD. Farmer Producer Organisations
(FPOs) are formed to increase the income of the farmers through aggregation of farming activities. CRD is
promoting 6 FPOs in Kannur and Kasaragod District with the support from NABARD. They are Gramalakshmi
Marketing Producer Company LTD, Thulunad farmer producer company LTD & Ksheera Farmer producer
company in Kasaragod district and Pariyaram Coconut Farmers’ Producer Company LTD, Anthoor Vegetable &
Fruit farmers producer company LTD & Kurumathoor Honey farmers producer company LTD in Kannur district .
All the FPOs are registered under Companies Act.

Rural Mart

With the assistance from NABARD, a Rural Mart (Kaiali Rural Mart) is promoted by CRD. It is run by Kairali Farmers’ Club promoted by CRD at Peria of Kasaragod district. This Rural Mart market the own produces of the Farmers’ Club and the produces of non member farmers.

Promotion of Self Help Groups and Joint Liability Groups

We have been promoting small groups of the communities to facilitate social and economic improvement and
community empowerment progtramme. Through these groups savings and thrift programmes, income
generating programmes, bank linkage programmes, lease farming, community shramadhan and various
capacity building training programmes have been undertaken.

Project Preparation

CRD undertake project preparation works. Apart from the detailed project reports/master plan for the
associated watershed projects we have undertaken detailed project preparation assignments for the
Panchayathi Raj Institutions and other agencies.

Studies and Participatory Action Researches

CRD give top priority for studies and action researches. Following are the highlights 

  • Reconnaissance study of potential 162 Small Hydel Project sites in various Grama Panchayats of Kasaragod DT, under a scheme of Total Energy Security Mission of ANERT, Thiruvananthapuram. The study was completed and the report was submitted to ANERT.
  • Monitoring study assignments of the tribal development projects of NABARD in Kannur, Wayanad and Palakkad districts
  • A study for designing a comprehensive development programme for the tribals in Attappady areas of Palakkad has been conducted for NABCONS. We have conducted impact study of Hariyalai watershed projects implemented in 3 Block Panchayats of Kasaragod and Kozhikode Districts.  
  • As RSO, we have conducted Project Completion Study in 35 watershed projects of NHWDP. Analysis of the impacts generated in the watershed was a major focus of the study. 
  • With NABARD support we have conducted study of selected 101 farmers from Kasaragod district to document their good practices in farming and allied sectors to publish a book. 
  • Conducted number of PRA studies and Watershed Project/Master Plan preparation studies under various projects of PRIs including MGNREGS and NABARD. 
  • Provided field study (questionnaire designing, data entry, data analysis and PRA) support for the livelihood planning study of Tribal families of Aralam Tribal Resettlement area (through the team engaged for the purpose).  
  • Participatory Action Researches are being conducted in the ongoing projects and several case studies and good practices were prepared.  

Capacity Building Training and Awareness programmes

Capacity building training programmes is targeted to People’s Representatives, Officials, Watershed Community, Farmers, Rural women, Watershed Committees, Watershed Development Team and NGOs. Apart from our own faculty, external faculties from Research and Development Institutions and Government Departments are being invited to facilitate the training programmes. We prepare information education and communication materials in print and digital form for the benefit of the target groups. 


As part of awareness generation programme, we participate in exhibitions organized by various institutions. We have exhibited our experience in watershed and agriculture related activities at 13th International Conference of IASC , Hyderabad, Agriculture Technology Week at CPCRI, Kasaragod, National Seminar On Watershed Management orgsnised by Soil Survey Organisation of GoK at Thiruvananthapuram, Exhibition organized by RARS Pilikode of Kerala Agricultural University as part of ‘Kerotsavam’ Programme and the exhibition oprganised by Tata Institute of Social Sciences at Thuljapur Campus in connection with the National Rural Youth Fest-2013.

Livelihood Support Programmes

Under various Projects, we are promoting Livelihood Support Programmes. We help the community to identify most suitable & viable livelihood activities through micro entrepreneurship development and local economic development programmes, financial inclusion programmes and through  participatory micro planning exercise. Training is an integral part of our Livelihood Programme.

Micro Insurance Programme

We are implementing the Micro Insurance Programme ‘Jeevan Madhur’ of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). It is mainly for the poor families in rural areas.