Sl NoProject TitleYearFunded by
1Drinking Water supply at Vaninagar Tribal School through construction of Ferocemnet Rain Water Harvesting Tank2005Tribal Development Department, Government of Kerala
2Preparation of Detailed Project for Pottery Cluster Development under Special SGSY for Madikkai Gramapanchayat2008In house
3Data Analysis of the Socio Economic Study and preparation of Detailed Project for Housing and Sanitation2006Kanhangad Block Panchayat
4Technical Support Organisation to 4 Watersheds in Madikkai Gramapanchayat2010WGDP, GoK through Madikkai GP
5RIDF Project for construction of 64 Anganwadi Buildings, linked with Special Development Fund(SDF) of Udma MLA2008In house
6RIDF Project for construction of building for GHSS, linked with SDF of Thrikaripur MLA2008Nileshwaram Block Panchayat
7RIDF Project for construction of Building for Moukod PHC, linked with SDF of Thrikaripur MLA2008Nileshwaram Block Panchayat
8Training ProjectsVarious yearsNABARD under WDF
9Watershed Master Plan preparation of 4 Watersheds of Madikkai Gramapanchayat under MGNREGS2009Madikkai Gramapanchayat under MGNREGS
10Watershed Master Plan preparation of 2 Watersheds of Pilikode Gramapanchayat under MGNREGA2009In house
11Detailed Project Report preparation of Alandatta Watershed in Kayyur-Cheemeni Grama Panchayat2008WGDP, GOK through KC GP
12Participatory Impact Assessment Study of Watershed Projects in Madikkai Grama Panchayat2010Madikkai GP
13Farmer Exposure Visit to Progressive Farmers Field2009NABARD under FTTF
14Detailed Project Report preparation of Podavoor Watershed in Kayyur-Cheemeni Grama Panchayat2010WGDP, GoK through Kayyur-Cheemni GP
15Reconnaissance study of potential 162 Small Hydel Project sites in various Grama Panchayats of Kasaragod DT2009ANERT, GooK
16Detailed Project Report preparation of Kaliyadukkam Watershed in Pullur-Peria Grama Panchayat2009WGDP, GoK through Pullur-Peria GP
17Detailed Project Report preparation of Chalingal Watershed in Pullur-Peria Grama Panchayat2009WGDP, GoK through Pullur-Peria GP
18Technical Support for Watershed Master Plan preparation of 7 Watersheds of Kinanoor-Karinthalam Gramapanchayat under MGNREGS2010Kinanoor-Karinthalam Gramapanchayat under MGNREGS
19Technical Support on Watershed Master Plan preparation of 4 Watersheds of Karadka Gramapanchayat under MGNREGS2010Karadka Gramapanchayat under MGNREGS
20Lead farmer series, Kasaragod DT2010NABARD
21"Feasibility Study Report Preparation of Kuntar, Banatpadi, Kunjar, Neelimala and , Thaliyammada Watershed projects"2009NABARD
22"Feasibility Study Report Preparation of Pettikundu-Chanappamchal and Pallikandam Watershed projects"2010NABARD
23Detailed Project Report preparation of Kothottu Watershed in Madikka Grama Panchayat2010WGDP, GoK through Mdikkai GP
24Implementation of Konnakkad Watershed project2012WGDP, GoK through Balal GP
25Preparation of Detailed Project Report of IWMP-I, II and III Watershed Projects2012GoK through Parappa Block Panchayat
26Preparation of Detailed Project Report of IWMP-IV Watershed Project2013GoK through Parappa Block Panchayat
27Preparation of Detailed Project Report of IWMP-V Watershed Projects2013GoK through Karadka Block Panchayat
28Implementation of Deviyottukavu watershed project2013WGDP, GoK through Kankol-Alapadamba GP
29Implementation of Kuntar, Banatpadi, Kunjar, Neelimala, Thaliyammada, Pettikundu-Chanappamchal and Pallikandam Watershed projects2014NABARD
30Study for designing a comprehensive development program2016NABCONS
31Water Campaign programme- Jal Jeevan Hai2017NABARD
32Resource Support Organisation(RSO) for Sustainable Development
Project in Watersheds