Support Organization (SO) for JALANIDHI project

CRD is the SO for Balal Grama Panchayat for implementing JALANIDHI (Community Drinking Water and Sanitation project), a project of the Government funded by Word Bank. This two year assignment was for conducting pre-feasibility study in the Grama Panchayat area, organizing the community, planning and conducting capacity building trainings, preparing detailed survey reports/project report for components like drinking water supply, sanitation, ground water recharging, Grama Panchayat strengthening and physical implementation of the activities in these components. A multi-disciplinary team was appointed for the scheme. Formation of 25 Beneficiary Groups , 25 water supply schemes, 200 roof water harvesting tank units, two sanitation complex and a resource centre at Grama Panchayat are the highlights of the project.