Center for Research and Development

‘Safalam’- Sustainable Agriculture through Farm And Land Management

We plan and implement programmes in Agriculture and Environment sector by the name ‘Safalam’. The following are the major activities under ‘Safalam’.

CRD has launched a new programme to train the school students in watershed management,

budding, grafting and layering of plants, by the name ‘Jeevanam’ – School training programme.

Livelihood Support Programmes

Under various Projects, we are promoting Livelihood Support Programmes. We help the community to identify most suitable & viable livelihood activities through participatory micro planning exercise. Training is an integral part of our Livelihood Programme.

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Centre for Research and Development (CRD), a Not for Profit Organization committed to development is registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It has been active in the field of social mobilization, awareness training, capacity building, implementation of developmental programmes like natural resource management, agriculture, livelihood, drinking water & sanitation, conducting studies and participatory action research, since 2002. CRD works in close association with Governmental and Non Governmental Agencies under various programmes and schemes.